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Welcome to CEITWiki.

The CEIT wiki is home to projects, reading groups, or anything that needs the support by the 'read-write' web. The site home page acts more or less as an index to content as well as a place news and topical information can be found.


Getting started with Media Wiki

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

CEIT Github Site

You can find the source of many projects on the CEIT github site at Many of the repositories here are forked from the original (student) developers, so that the original ownership can be traced.

CEIT Workshop Guides

Ultimaker 3D Printer Upgrade

Ultimaker 3D Printer

Milling Machine for PCB Manufacture

Pick and Place Machine

Raspberry-PI Software

MQTT on Centos

Online Python Tutor

Installing NumPy, SciPy and Scikit-Learn on Mac OS X Mountain Lion

Upgrade Node.js via NPM


CEIT Reading Group

Raspberry PI SIG

Project Wikis

Active projects

Controlling Dali Lights

edX Platform Subcommittee

Open Beacon Tags

Openbeacon Base Station Redesign

RFID and Messaging Systems

Tracking Furniture in a room as a proxy for group formation and interaction

Co-presence for Online Learners


Completed Projects

MYDIYCNC Milling Machine

3D Sensor Visualisation

Real-time Data Display Software

UQ Ferry Twitter Feed

UQ Parking

LIB Temperature Sensor Network

Ed Designers Forum

Using and Assessing Blogs

iLab LabServer Project

SpokenMedia CompilingSpokenMedia Spoken Media - REST Server Design

Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge

Learning Innovation Building (LIB)

SNAPP Pilot at UQ

SNAPP Drupal Integration - Using Data from SIOC Drupal Exporter

Hot Team #2

App Inventor for Android Android

App Inventor for Android AIA_2


Drupal Configuration & Documentation

T&L Week 2010

Academic Board Open Scholarship presentation

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