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Professor Phil Long

As the Centre's Director, Professor Long is dedicated to CEIT's research on environments that have the potential to innovate teaching, learning and creativity. This includes research, development, and dissemination of educational innovation through the strategic use of physical and virtual spaces and technology.

Professor Long's current research interests focus on designing built pedagogies, both physical and virtual, to support active learning and research collaboration. His other professional activities include:

  • New Media Consortium Board (2006 to 2009)
  • Current chair of the NMC Board, NMC Project Horizon (2005 to present)
  • 2006 Syllabus Conference Campus Host
  • SAC Program Committee (2005 to 2007, 2006 Chair)
  • Adobe Higher Education Advisory Board (2007)
  • Steven's Institute of Technology WebCampus board
  • Senior Associate with the non-profit TLT Group


  • Learning space design, physical and virtual
  • Learning theory and behavior
  • Innovation and Technology Diffusion
  • Social computing tools, and collaboration environments
  • Evaluation of educational technology, statistical & qualitative research

Professor Long and CEIT will foster a community of scholarship with technological innovators and researchers around the world. The Centre will include students as partners in the innovation cycle, supporting their participation in technology development at UQ and other institutions.

Recent Publications:

  1. Long, P. D. & Ehrmann, S. C. (2008) Does an Open Source Strategy Matter?: Lessons learned from the iLabs Project. In: T. Iiyoshi & M. S. Vijay Kumar (Eds.) Opening up Education: The collective advancement of educaiton through Open Technology, Open Content, and Open Knowledge. MIT Press.
  2. Brown, M. & Long, P. D. (2006) Trends in Learning Space Design. In D. Oblinger (Ed.) Learning Spaces. Educause.
  3. Long, P. D. & Ehrmann, S. C. (2005) The Future of the Learning Space: Breaking Out of the Box. Educause Review, 40(4): 42-58.
  4. Long, P. D. (2005) Learning Space Design in Action. Educause Review, 40(4): 60.
  5. Long, P. D. & Tansey, F. (2005) Standards? Why and What? In P. McGee, C. Carmean, A. Jafari (Eds.) Course Management Systems for Learning: Beyond Accidental Pedagogy, pp 14-38.
  6. Long, P. D. (2002) Moore's Law and the Conundrum of Human Learning.Educause Review, 37(3): 17-19.
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