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iLabs is dedicated to the proposition that online laboratories, real laboratories accessed through the Internet, can enrich science and engineering education by greatly expanding the range of experiments that students are exposed to in the course of their education.   Unlike conventional laborato

Hands-On, Simulated, and Remote Laboratories: A Comparative Literature Review

Jing Ma
Jeffrey V. Nickerson
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Laboratory-based courses play a critical role in scientific education. Automation is changing the nature of these laboratories, and there is a long-running debate about the value of hands-on versus simulated laboratories. In addition, the introduction of remote laboratories adds a third category to the debate. Through a review of the literature related to these labs in education, the authors draw several conclusions about the state of current research.

CEIT Architect visits MIT

John Zornig, Senior Architect at CEIT, visited Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Cambridge, MA for two weeks in March. The visit resulted in the creation of two collaborative projects for CEIT in which John will participate.

The Spoken Lecture project is a joint project between CEIT, the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) at MIT, and the Office of Educational Innovation and Technology (OEIT) also at MIT to develop a workflow based Lecture Transcription Service based on CSAIL's Spoken Lecture system.

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