This group uses a web application for upload of video capturing practice and collaborative assessment.

The Sports Medicine Video Sharing project is building a collaborative video sharing web application. Students in the subjects SPMD7003 Upper Limb, Head, Neck and Trunk Sport Injuries and SPMD7004 Lower Limb and Lumbar Region Injuries in Sport Medicine are creating video records of injury examinations as part of the subject assessment. A video sharing web site allows them to submit the videos and collaboratively assess each others examinations.

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Controlling video playback presentation on mobile platforms

Video playback on mobile platforms is made especially challenging because the platform vendors have defaulted to playing video in full screen mode. This was probably done to maximize efficiency of the video rendering code, but prevents any html/javascript interaction with the video or creation of custom controls.

In iOS4, Apple have introduced the ability for larger (i.e. iPad) devices to playback video inlne, see the webkit-playsinline attribute on this page.

Self introduction

Hi everyone,

My name is Gustavo Bagdadi de Castro and I will be working this year with John Zornig on improving and extending the Video Capture of Practice (VCoP) learning system as part of my final year thesis project (ENGG4801). I expect (and so does John - expect me) to be posting a weekly blog entries on this space reporting on the development of the project or simply on new discoveries I have made during the week.

HTML 5 Image Uploader Web Application

Video of practice sharing extended to Ipswich Medical Program

After a successful trial of our drupal based video sharing site in Sports Medicine last year we are introducing it to a larger cohort this semester in the Ipswich Medical Program.

The site has been updated to the latest drupal release and a number of related issues caused by this have been solved over the last few days. We also hope to try out some new functionality as the semester progresses.

Enabling private comments on submitted videos

Currently feedback on uploaded videos is implemented as comments. Comments are a standard feature of Drupal which can be potentially added to any content node. Comments are however visible to the same audience as the content. It would be useful for teaching staff and potentially other students, to be able to make comments which are only visible to the student who uploaded the video.

I've found a module called Whisper which enables the sealing of comments. This could be one way of adding this functionality.

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