Student Research Projects

A number of student research projects are available at the new Institute for Teaching and Learning Innovation - ITaLI (formerly CEIT and TEDI).

Summer/Winter Scholars

These short term scholarship projects are primarily for undergraduate and coursework masters students and occur during two periods of the year:

  • Summer vacation (10 weeks from mid-November to mid-February).
  • Winter vacation (6 weeks in the June-July mid-year break).

Available projects in ITaLI for

Winter at

Summer at

RHD / PhD Students

RHD/PhD students who are interested in supervision by academics in ITaLI can check the research interests of academics via the ITaLI academic staff listing at UQ Researchers.

Student Internships

ITaLI participates in the Student Internship program of the ITEE School. Student Interns work at ITaLI for a period of 1-3 months and participate in active ITaLI projects while being mentored by ITaLI staff member.

Example internship project:

Vanessa Ng's Internship Report

UQ Undergraduate Student Projects

ITaLI staff supervise students undertaking research projects as part of their UQ Undergraduate programs. Past students have come from ITEE, Psychology and Education programs.

Past Student Projects

Examples of past summer scholarship projects from CEIT & TEDI.

  • A portable e-assessment examinations platform
  • An Open Source Solution to Building a Video Wall
  • Analysis of data for student preconceptions of computerised exams survey
  • Are staff/student ratios in higher education related to student satisfaction: A baseline measure
  • Cloud based collaborative screen server
  • Cloud Code System
  • Developing novel visualisations of data extracted from natural language processing of large collections of text
  • e-Assessment examples in a 3D virtual world
  • Expanding and enhancing UQ students’ opportunities for learning while studying abroad. 
  • MQTT and Pachube for environment sensing in Building 78
  • Non-text input to LMS/CMS
  • REST API for Remote Laboratories
  • Spoken Media Notebook/Video Capture of Practice
  • UQ Summer Research Scholars' Expectations of Supervision
  • Visualisation of User Agent data
  • XMPP-MQTT communications
Further Information

If you're interested in being part of ITaLI and would like to find out more information, please contact ITaLI


What do you do in the "third place"

Hi: Some people characterise places people spend time (physical and mental) three categories or 'places'. They are 1) home; 2) work or school; and 3) ?????? not work, and not school and not home - that is, some form of social space. A place to hang out with friends, physically or virtually. Obviously for some Facebook is a part of their 'third place'.

My question to you (the students) is what are the primary things that comprise your 'third space' or 'place'? Is it engagement in a particular gaming community? Is it a bar or social club of some sort? Where or what characterises it?

Email me your answers at Thanks!


Prof. Phil Long