Research Computing Centre seminar series

Research Computing Centre seminar series

Join Professor Michael Norman from the San Diego Supercomputer Centre to explore the architecture of the Gordon computer cluster.

The SDSC Gordon Compute Cluster, a unique data-intensive supercomputer sponsored by the NSF XSEDE program, went into production January 1, 2012.  Large graph problems, data mining, de novo genome assembly, database applications, and quantum chemistry are some of the fields of research benefitting from Gordon's unique architecture. The system is characterized by:

  • 1,024 dual-socket Intel Sandy Bridge nodes, each with 64 GB DDR3–1333 memory
  • Over 300 TB of high performance Intel flash memory SSDs via 64 dual-socket Intel Westmere I/O nodes
  • Large memory supernodes capable of presenting over 2 TB of cache coherent memory
  • Dual rail QDR InfiniBand network.
  • Data Oasis high performance parallel file system with over 4 PB capacity and sustained rates of 100 GB/s

The seminar will be conducted via video link on Friday, August 2, from 9am–10am in Room 505A, Axon Building 47. Please RSVP to Fran Moore.