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"Creativity involves a large number of people from different disciplines working together to solve a great many problems..." Ed Catmull, President of Pixar Animation and Disney Animation Studios

Workspace must be designed to foster "maximum inadvertent encounters".

CEIT will provide an innovation incubator for the application of digital technology to learning and research collaboration. There are few hard and fast rules by which buildings intended to foster creativity and innovation should be built. However, there are several general guidelines that can precede the description of the kinds of project activity expected to occur within and around the centre.

Some guidelines:

  1. Persistence: Supports the continuous refinement of the team's "shared mind."
  2. Intent: Not just meeting space, but shared work space in which sustained, purposeful efforts take place and leave traces behind.
  3. Interaction: Encourages and explicitly drives interaction, bridges the digital and physical worlds.
  4. Dynamism: Purpose of the space changes as intentions and goals change.
  5. Flexibility: Supports changes in innovation.


 Learning Innovation Building

CEIT has moved into the Learning Innovation Building (LIB) designed by Richard Kirk Architects. It is adjacent to Wordsmith's Cafe on Staff House Rd.  We share the building with TEDI and CIPL (Centre for Innovative Professional Learning).  


Below are the early development stage descriptions of the LIB

At present we're finishing up the rich media capture and editing suites. Two versions of what these might look like are shown below (click the thumbnail to expand the image). We're likely to combine elements of each to form the final layout. 



We decided to take the top left elements of image 1 (the first image) that has the editing suites facing west and combine this with the open plan office and relocated kitchenette of image 2 (the second image, right hand side). 

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