New home of CEIT, TEDI, CIPL & Dean of Students

This group is internal to CEIT staff and is focused on the details surrounding the design, equipping and use of the LIB building and in particular the CEIT spaces within it.

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Well We're In. Sort of...

We're In - but not Yet Settled

We made the move this past Monday into our new home on the 4th floor of the LIB. Arguably we could have stayed out for a few more days, if not weeks, while we waited for the configuration and testing of our network services, arrival of still missing furniture, and perhaps more importantly the functioning of the building HVAC systems. But instead we're there and helping point out to the various trades people what we had intended for the space, where things are supposed to go, and discovering what we got right and what we didn't.

Moving In

CEIT will be moving into the Lib this week! (4th June)

Boxes are packed, stacked and ready to go.

3D Walk Thru of the LIB

A model of the LIB in a 3D rending using 3D PDF might prove of some interest and value as we start to see how this building is shaping up. 

It's a bit unintuitive to navigate so the image below might help get you started.  The model itself is about 4.4 MB in size. 

Furniture for CEIT in LIB's Innovation Lab

I've been thinking about the furniture we want in the LIB more as the concrete is poured and a structure rises that ultimately will house the Centre.  Here I thought I'd start to collect some of these ideas, with exemplars as much as possible, to collect them. 



What kind seating do we need/want?  We might want some soft seating, like bean bag chairs. Here's an example from "Fatboys" (great name, huh?).

LIB Building Construction to Begin

This week marks the start of construction of the Learning Innovation Building. After nearly 18 months of planning and revisions the LIB  is scheduled for the build phase.  The latest images reflect the attempts to keep the building facade active while confronting continuing pressures on available funding for the project.



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