An Investigation of Graphical Programming for Rapid Prototyping of 'Internet of Things' Applications

UQ Summer Research Project Description

Project title: 

An Investigation of Graphical Programming for Rapid Prototyping of 'Internet of Things' Applications 

Project duration:

10 Weeks



The project will involve the exploration of the use of the graphical programming language 'Node-RED' for the rapid prototyping of control programs for smart objects commonly referred to belong to the 'Internet of Things'. The project will explore the use of RESTful designs, messaging systems, social networks, and a host of other techniques in the manipulation of data to sense and control 'things'.

Related to this will be research into the communication between Node-RED control 'programs' and user-configurable web interfaces, most probably using JSON schemas to convey the metadata required by such a design.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Scholars will be exposed to software development in an opensource community using various standards and leveraging existing opensoure projects to create reusable learning components. Students will be expected to make regular presentations and to maintain a project blog to report progress and be a permanent public record of their work. Students will produce a number of working examples to demonstrate features of these types of interfaces; in the areas of remote laboratories and presence based discussion forums.


Suitable for:

Students should have strong interest and/or experience in software development and web standards. The project will develop skills with Javascript, HTML and CSS.


Primary Supervisor:


Mark Schulz


Further info:

(07) 3365 9132