Director's Message

What is the Mission of CEIT?

The CEIT mission is to explore and develop new technologies and collaborative environments that have the potential to transform learning and research. Specifically, CEIT:

  • researches, develops, disseminates and advances educational innovation through the strategic use of space and technology for learning & research collaboration.

  • fosters a community of scholarship with technology innovators, and researchers within UQ, across Australasia and around the world; catalyzes student inquiry through inclusion of students as full partners in the innovation cycle, including supporting student participation in technology development at other institutions; and coordinates the outreach and communication of the educational innovations through technology coming out of UQ to the rest of the Australian and world community.

Core Values:

CEIT is built around its people: their commitment and enthusiasm must be nurtured, resourced, and honoured. It is intended to provide an environment that will support incandescent involvement, respectful of the whole person and supportive of the mind, body and spirit of those who have chosen to gather together in the pursuit of educational innovation and technology.

The Centre favours approaches that mirror the process of scientific discovery, in particular the emphasis on open collaboration and use of open educational resources so that the work can be more easily replicated and disseminated to others. Open inquiry, implementing sharable, transparent and replicable methodologies that build a scholarly foundation rests on open source code to support open sharing.


- Professor Phillip D. Long