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Portfolios of Knowledge

Portfolios are a metaphor that fails to describe the potential behind ways to capture, organise, interact with and share digital artifacts associated with learning and professional practice. While searching for a better metaphor we seek to understand what the bits of a digital life consist of and how they can be arranged to serve multiple goals over a life time.

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What is the right architecture for ePortfolios?

At AAEEBL's conference on ePortfolios the University of Queensland presented its work on personal portfolios. Dr. Long, representing the team led by Aneesha Bahkaria, Alan Cody, and John Zornig, presented the current work highlighting the need to refactor the approach to personal artefacts and break the model of institutional ownership of all aspects of student created learning objects. This is not an intended assertion so much as a convenience born of institutional views and practices by most universities. 

Personal Portfolio presentation at AAEEBL

Phillip Long

This is the PDF of the presentation given July 20th, 2010, at the Campus Technology/AAEEBL conference in Boston, MA, about the on-going work at CEIT, University of Queensland, on refactoring the idea of student portfolios.


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E-Portfolios for Integrated Reflection

Shouhong Wang
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E-portfolios have been widely used in the education community. Currently, e-portfolios are viewed mostly as a tool of assessment and showcase,but less as a tool of active learning. This paper proposes an ontological model that specifies a generic organizational structure of e- portfolios in the integrated reflection context. An example of design artifact of ontology of e- portfolios is used to illustrate the concepts of the development and use of e-portfolios for active learning through reflection.

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