The CEIT Approach

CEIT approaches the works of research and scholarship around educational innovation and technology by placing priority around supporting the individuals who are engaged in this endeavour. Everyone associated with CEIT is committed to excellence in the discovery or adaptation of technology innovations for learning and research practice. The intent is to focus on solving truly big problems facing Australia and the world.

CEIT works by conducting research, pilot projects, and experiments in the use of innovative approaches to learning and collaboration. CEIT is concentrating primarily on the first two quadrants, I & II, Experimentation and Incubation. CEIT will work closely with other key organizations or units to help identify transitioning successful pilot implementation more widely throughout the curriculum including TEDI, ITS, Libraries, and other appropriate groups, the domain of quadrants III and IV.

Guiding the activity in these areas is our adherence to the Innovation Cycle.

Service: ultimate delivery as a new service with the engagement of organizational units that can reliably deliver and maintain the new innovation for the long term.

Experiment: conception and early experimentation, typically by faculty in the faculties, labs and center but also in other academic and industrial settings. CEIT's engagement at this stage is to help identify educational possibilities and more sharply define the educational need.

Incubate: implementation as pilot Discovery projects by CEIT to ascertain the learning potential of particular innovations. CEIT's role is most prominent in this phase as a facilitator of incubation activity to understand the educational value and impact.

Transition: the articulation of a transition process for those that demonstrate learning value with a view toward sustainability.