About CEIT - Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology

What is CEIT?

The University of Queensland's Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology (CEIT) is Australia's first centre of leadership in educational innovation. CEIT performs research on learning environments and digital tools that have the potential to transform & innovate teaching, learning and creativity.

CEIT is about understanding the intersection of learning and technology. It is about asking questions and then taking the time, effort and care to answer them. The letters -C-E-I-T- came together to meet the traditional needs for naming an organisation, but emerged in pronunciation as something relevant. We are about "seeing": perceiving the world around us, how it works, what is related to what and how can we predispose outcomes? And it is about "IT" - information technology, tools that extend our reach beyond our skin, our immediate senses, ourselves.

The Centre for Educational Innovation and Technology is both driven by the desire to understand through data not desires. A good colleague decribes his work collecting survey information about trends in technology and higher education by saying, "Some people have opinions. I have data." Our mission is to collect data about how digital tools influence learning. If we can't answer a new question about learning as we consider a new technology, we shouldn't be spending time with it.

Who We Work With