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SpeakThis: MQTT module for interfacing with the EMIC 2 Text-to-Speech Converter.

As part of my Summer Research Scholarship Program at the Institute of Teaching and Learning Innovation (ITaLI) at the University of Queensland, I have designed a MQTT module for interfacing with the EMIC 2 Text-to-Speech Converter.

Happy New Year =D

So, its the start of a new year. And what a good year it will be.


In the time leading up to the Christmas break i decided to improve the quality of my website, from something that was functional, but looked awful, to something that was more with the standards we have come to expect in our everyday life.


This proved to be a little difficult as HTML is not my first language, after some hunting for a template i found a nice one (1 html document and 1 css document) that would fill my needs. 


Dali USB adapter

Daliserver by Gregor Riepl, has allowed the raspberry pi to communicate with dali usb interactive adapter through the setup of a local server which connects to the dali usb.

Prior to this pyUSB was being to used in an attempt to communicate with the usb adapter. This however failed as drivers already available on the pi were constantly keeping the adapter busy.

Using the Daliserver packets can now be sent directly to the adapter, giving the new problem:

"What can be sent to interact with the lights?"


First Entry


First Entry

So after 3 weeks of working here i was told today, by Craig, that I should have been blogging about my experience at CEIT. So here goes my first entry.


Using Piwall


After doing some research on the different options, I began investigating a solution using Piwall (piwall.co.uk). Following their instructions, I have set up a two screen display using three Raspberry Pi's connected on a private network. Extending this to more screens will be simple as the software is easily configurable. 


Raspberry Pi Case top redesign

ok, since the 3D printer can't do the CEIT logo on the top of the case I've redesigned it to have the roof missing in the shape of the logo. I'm not so sure about the support structures for the letters, I still can't decide if it looks good or bad.ceit_raspberry_pi_case_top_correct_scale.stl

CEIT Raspberry Pi case Small Tweak

Just a small adjustment to the model for the top of the raspberry pi case.


Full Draft Case For Raspberry Pi and Battery Packs

I've finished a full draft of the case and battery pack with a method to attach them together. I didn't get to see if all the spacings of the raspberry pi case were correct because the printer was having some trouble, but from the one component that did print (albeit very warped), The spacing between some of the ports seems correct.

3D Printer Project Overview

A 2-minute video overview can be found here.

Full documentation can be found here.

CEIT acquired a 3D printer (an Ultimaker) in 2012. My project was to get it fully operational and find an easy way for students to connect to and print from it.

Prior to my work, a person would have to directly connect their computer to the printer, via USB, in order to print. This was severely limiting for a few reasons:

Getting My Raspberry Pi "on the air" the first time!

Getting the boot image

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