Nicely Designed Drupal Websites

Here's a link to a site that is collecting 'nicely designed Drupal websites'. This will be useful as we consider where to take our own CEIT site down the road.



Calendar navigation using views

In the basic settings for views, you are able to select a list of styles including "Calendar". However, this will only display the current month without any options to navigate to other months. Using the Calendar module, there exists functionality for "Calendar Navigation" but it is only available in the default display. If you create a new view, this option does not exist.

Embedding a node within a view's header

I wanted to have some content, a book, appear both as a normal node but also as content embedded above an existing view. The book was to be a collection of student project descriptions and the view was the People/Students view, a matrix of thumbnail photos of our current and past students.

Views allows you to specify a header for each view, but this is usually just text or html. What I needed was to embed some php code that would generate all the html, fully styled, which represents the display of my book node.

Thinking ahead to Shibboleth enabled Drupal projects

Sooner or later, I'll have to build a Drupal site with Shibboleth authentication capability to cope with a user base drawn from identity federations such as Australian Access Federation and InCommon.

Unfortunately these federations do not have 100% coverage of the Higher Education population and so any Drupal site will probably have to cope with non-Shibboleth accounts as well.

Adding navigation to a calendar display inside a view


The views_calendar module that comes with Calendar only really supports the calendar display within it's own calendar view. If you create your own custom view and choose the calendar view you will get a non-navigable month view of the current month only.

This is what happened when we made the group homepage tab for Milestones use the calendar view.

I found a solution at http://drupal.org/node/294319 which allows us to override the group month display in our theme and add navigation links for the months.

Home Page RSS feed fixed

I noticed this morning that our homepage was not registering in browsers as having an RSS feed.

It turns out this is easy to set up. Our home page is generated by a view "latest_news_view" which did not have a feed display defined. I added a feed display and attached it to the "latest" display, which is used for our home page.

Now when you open the home page in your browser you will see the feed icon in the url bar. e.g. Safari

Finding your unread posts


My "Projects and Communities" block was showing that I had unread content in one of my groups, but I could not easily see what that content was. There is a standard view og_unread which lists these unread posts.

So I modified the "Projects and Communities" og_my view to make the messages such as "5 new" be links to the group/myunread page. Now you can click through and get a list of the content you still have unread.

OpenCalais -

Opencalais wants to "make all the world's content more accessible, interoperable and valuable. Some call it Web 2.0, Web 3.0, the Semantic Web or the Giant Global Graph - we call our piece of it Calais".

Differentiating content by type in the group home page "river-of-news"

The view we use for each group's home page is based on the og_ghp_ron view which is part of the og module. This view presents a river-of-news containing all content is order of publication from most recent. Our site has a number of content types such as Blog entry, Image, Video, News page, Bibliography item, Book Page, Milestone and Action.

Replacing File Uploads with CCK Filefield


we had been using a mixture of File upload/management modules. I wanted to simplify things and standardize on CCK filefield as the way of attaching files to nodes and for embedding media into the body of nodes. This appears to be the direction taken by drupal 7.

We added an "Attached File" field to all the content types. This is a CCK Filefield that is optional and can be multiple. We replaced all the attached files that had been added to existing nodes using the Upload Module with the same files as our new "Attached Files".

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