Micropower energy harvesting


Texas Instruments EZ430-2500


My EZ430-2500 Kit has not arrived yet so I borrowed Marks.

The software demo displays the temperature of the USB dongle and the remote sensor. Of course the software is Windows only. Not to worry it works fine running on Windows XP inside Sun VirtualBox on Snow Leopard.

Now I just need to measure how much power the remote uses for the demo.



The problem with measuring very small currents is the burden placed on the circuit by the ammeter. The input to most test equipment is fused. These fuses plus switches plus PCB tracks and finally the shunt resistor and place a produce a significant burden voltage across them . 

Seiko Instruments S-882Z


Seiko has come op with a novel approach to starting up DC-DC converters from very low voltages. Enter the S-882Z: press Play to watch the animation of the S-882 working below.

Seiko Instruments S-8354


The Seiko S-8354 was super easy to get working. Below is the schematic for the circuit.

L=10µH, CIN=0µF, CL=10µF and SD=?

With the output open circuited this circuit used 14µA at an input of 1V.

Stay tuned for much more. 

Super-Small Package PWM Control, PWM/PFM Control Step-Up Switching Regulator (DC/DC Converter ICs) S-8353/8354 series

Linear Technology LTC3525


LTC3525 - 400mA Micropower Synchronous Step-Up DC-DC Converter

When scanning the Linear Website for DC-DC converters this was one of the simplest to get working. As you can see from the schematic it only needs 3 extra components.

[node/191] Electrical circuit runs entirely off power in trees


[node/191] H. Hickey, "Electrical circuit runs entirely off power in trees," University of Washington News, Sep. 8, 2009. [Online]. Available: [Accessed Sept. 13, 2009].


20mV startup

1.1V output

130nm circuit

10nW operating power consumption 

Advanced Linear Devices EH300


Advanced Linear Devices Website: 




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