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Forums in Groups

I've created a forum (entitled "General Discussion") for every group and community on the site. A group forum differs from a standard forum as it is preset to private and only members of the group/community may submit or view posts. Users with "Project Manager" role and higher still has the ability to make group forums public.


Voting System

The Five Star module adds an attractive voting widget to nodes.  It supports per-nodetype configurability and allows CCK field for use in custom node types. It also supports anonymous voters.

To vote, simply click on the stars on the bottom of the desired page. It will display the average vote above the stars. It uses the five star system with one star as poor and five stars as awesome.

To configure it onto a node type or page, you can either:

Creating bookmarks

The bookmarks module provides an interface to control and customise user bookmarks for each Drupal page.  It creates a unique bookmarks menu for each authenticated user.

To create a new bookmark, you can either:

Making a Wiki

A Wiki , known as a book in drupal, is a set of pages tied together, organised into a collection of related entries collectively known as a Book. You can create a new Wiki entry by

How to create a News Page

News pages are for entering recent stories that are relevant to CEIT and its staff. This will be a public page.

How to create a Bibliography Item

This is a content type is used to enter a bibliographical item in the CEIT library, a paper or an online article. Please attach a file (pdf/doc) if possible and/or a url.

How to create a Profile Page

A Profile page is for entering biographical and contact information on individuals associated with CEIT.

Content Types

This is a help page that lists each content type and describes it's purpose.


About Page - This is for pages within the "vision" heading that describes CEIT. The information on these pages should be a static. Consult a site Admin before adding/editing any pages under this heading.

CEIT gets a new logo

After much discussion and many suggested logos, the CEIT team have a logo.

Staff Group Tweet List

We've created the group tweet for CEIT staff named "CEITall". Note that the case is important meaning you must type, CEITall  <--- just like that.  You need to do the following:


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