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Lean Startup

community of practice
Based upon the work of Steve Blank at Stanford University, our students have embarked on a learning journey on how to build their own startup.

Activity here is under the guidance and leadership of Bill McKeague (

MakerCamp 2013

MakerCamp 2013 is here!

When: 27th July 2013, 10am - 5pm

Where: Port Hack, 217 MacArthur Ave, Eagle Farm

What: MakerCamp is a showcase of inventions, creations, arts, craftsmanship and anything that you can make yourself.

Come and see 3D printers, electric go-carts, electronics, woodwork & many other projects forged by the Brisbane inventors community. There will be interactive classes, demonstrations & talks by some of the inventors in Brisbane.

3D Printing Activity

Examples of Objects Printed in CEIT
Students and others will leave posts outlining their incedible toys that they have printed. ;)

Presentation to Andean Trilateral Project for Higher Education Governance and Institutional Strengthening

The University of Queensland has a partnership with a collection of South American countries and their ministries of education. Attached is a presentation given to them, 20, Nov., 2012

Strong Fair Use Ruling in US Courts

Huge Fair Use Affirmation by US Courts

The US courts both in an initial ruling and again reaffirmed in an appeal upheld the right of fair use in creative parodies of videos in a case brought against the creators of South Park. 

Brownmark Films sued Viacom and South Park for the take of their parody remake. However, the first ruling then reaffirmed by the 7th Court of Appeals responded that the lower courts decision was "well reasoned and delightful." They went on to note:

Well We're In. Sort of...

We're In - but not Yet Settled

We made the move this past Monday into our new home on the 4th floor of the LIB. Arguably we could have stayed out for a few more days, if not weeks, while we waited for the configuration and testing of our network services, arrival of still missing furniture, and perhaps more importantly the functioning of the building HVAC systems. But instead we're there and helping point out to the various trades people what we had intended for the space, where things are supposed to go, and discovering what we got right and what we didn't.

CEIT Spaces

Information relating to "presence" in spaces

Return of the Rabbits

A RESTful Web Service for the Nabaztag Rabbit
Using a OpenNab server to support local operation of the Nabaztag rabbits - the first Internet of Things object.



Electronic Feedback Using Text and Audio (eFTAC
UQMarkup is an iPad app developed to facilitate the integration of contextualised audio and written feedback in student assessments.


Feedback is a vital  element of effective learning. Audio feedback provides a means of personalising responses to student writing in a short, fixed and easily understood format.

Communication 101 - knowledge transfer underlies much of our work

Writing for Impact

Much of what we do in research and tertiary education involves communicating ideas. Doing this well is essential for teaching or transferring knowledge in a variety of contexts. It's also key to writing an effective grant proposal. A nice video animation from the Kellogg Foundation succinctly makes this point. Sadly it's a flash file so the most I can do is provide you the link

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