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Research Computing Centre seminar series

Research Computing Centre seminar series

Join Professor Michael Norman from the San Diego Supercomputer Centre to explore the architecture of the Gordon computer cluster.

Unbundling Education / Training Services

This is a conference for those interested on the impact of technology 'unbundling' previously integrated or 'whole' services suites, offered by Global Mindset. 

Open Learning

At a recent meeting of senior executives of the university Phil Long (Director of CEIT) and Bob Gerrity (University Librarian) gave a joint talk that evolved around two hot topics that are rapidly emerging for the tertiary sector. Focused on the challenging idea of open learning and  Moocs or Massively Open Online Courses and OAP - Open Access Publising the presentation attracted some animated discussion as no doubt, is the case for many other universities. The attached presentation is available for download.

Prof. Steve Wheeler - Public Talk at UQ 3:30 pm, Sept. 22, 2010


Prof. Steve Wheeler - Visit To CEIT & UQ


Eric Mazur, Harvard Univ. Balkanski Professor of Physics and Applied Physics, Visiting UQ Thursday and Friday

Prof. Mazur is visiting UQ on January 14th and 15th (Thursday and Friday). He'll be giving a couple of public lectures as listed below.

In addition, Prof. Mazur will be joining the staff in CEIT on Thursday after his public presentation for a discussion of strategic issues in active learning for science, engineering and public discussion of STEM topics.

Public Seminar: Confession of a converted lecturer

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