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CreateWorld is Here!

CreateWorld 2010

CreateWorld, sponsored by the Apple University Consortium, stars Nov 29th in Brisbane (through Dec. 1).  It takes place in the Southbank district of city but details can be found in the Agenda of talks, kenotes and presentations.

2010 Horizon Report ANZ

The NMC Releases the 2010 Horizon Report ANZ Edition

The 2010 Horizon Report for Australia and New Zealand was released today by the New Media Consortium. The internationally recognized series of Horizon Reports is part of the New Media Consortium’s Horizon Project, a comprehensive research venture

Remarkable Advancements in Teaching Electronics

Borderless Electronics

CEIT's Ultimaker 3D Printer Upgrade

Submitted for Mr W. A. Buddhika... on Fri, 2013-11-01 11:07

The original Ultimaker 3D printer at CEIT started off with a cold build platform, open sides and a single head extruder. Several recurring problems with print quality, including warping, deformation of the print platform, and inconsitencies between layers resulted in CEIT commisioning a printer upgrade.

UQ Joins edX

UQ joins edx

UQ joins the edX consortium. The not-for-profit online education initiative led by Harvard and MIT invited UQ to join in the latest group of institutions to become a part of the X-University community.

Vice chancellor Peter Høj said

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Learning Analytics Summer Institute


Learning Analytics Summer Institute 2013 (LASI-13)

Stanford University, July 1-5, 2013
twitter: #lasi13

Summer Institute

Online Education - Radio National Interview for Saturday Extra

Wednesday, November 14th Prof. Long was attending the Digital Futures conference in Sydney when Radio National producer Kate Pearcy asked if he had time for a brief interview. Attached is a 9 min. 16 sec. grab from that interview, broadcast Saturday, November 17th, on the Saturday Extra Radion National morning show, presented by Geraldine Doogue. 

Have a listen!

UQ eLearning Strategic Plan

The University of Queensland has released its Strategic Blueprint for Support of Technology-enhanced Learning for 2012. The UQ teaching and learning community is committed to developing and providing educational experiences that will challenge our students and engage them in research, global issues, and development of 21st century learning patterns and skills. 

Open Learning

At a recent meeting of senior executives of the university Phil Long (Director of CEIT) and Bob Gerrity (University Librarian) gave a joint talk that evolved around two hot topics that are rapidly emerging for the tertiary sector. Focused on the challenging idea of open learning and  Moocs or Massively Open Online Courses and OAP - Open Access Publising the presentation attracted some animated discussion as no doubt, is the case for many other universities. The attached presentation is available for download.

Give students a chance and their creativity shines

When learning becomes multi-modal 

Among the more exciting things going on in higher education today is the move to give students ownership of their own learning by refocusing student/academic interaction on things that most benefit from this face-to-face engagement and designing student-content interactions to be accomplished when and where its best for the student online.  At UQ the 'big experiment' underway is with ENGG1200, Engineering Modelling & Problem Solving.

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