Community of Practice

A group allocated to a community of practice

UQ Summer/Winter Research Scholars

This group brings together the blogs from our research scholars (generally undergraduate).

3D Printing Activity

Examples of Objects Printed in CEIT
Students and others will leave posts outlining their incedible toys that they have printed. ;)


Communities of Practice
Best Practice - Communities of Practice

A review of the best practices associated with the CEIT Community and should these be the foundation for an assessment of the current web site?

  • who are we?
  • who do we interact with?
  • what can we offer?
  • how do we do this?
  • what can the principals of a CoP offer us?

Re-envisioning Undergraduate Education at University of Queensland

The UQ 21st Century Student
Working party to address: “What are the defining characteristics of an educated University of Queensland student in the 21st century?”

The UQ working party  on "Re-envisioning Undergraduate Education" is charged with articulating a blueprint for the future that describes the attributes of a 21st century graduate of the University of Queensland.  This is no small task.  Many ambitious committees of the past have foundered on these questions. 

The current setting is characterised by:


Governing Performance

ARC Technologies of Performance, Technologies of Goveranance
A research site for ARC project DP110100803

Learning Analytics

Communities of Practice
EDUCAUSE - “the use of data and models to predict student progress and performance, and the ability to act on that information”

Open Scholarship at UQ

Open Educational Resources (OERs), Open Access, Open Data, Open Source
Open Scholarship - the meaning of open, shared pursuit of knowledge

In 2011 CEIT, with support from the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), will be conducting a major investigation into UQ andOpen Scholarship . In 2011 CEIT, with support from the Vice-Chancellor and the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic), will be conducting a major investigation into UQ and Open Scholarship. Open means accessible to anyone, anywhere, with no barriers from logins, firewalls, or a need to belong to an institution or an association, or to subscribe to a website.

Web Apps Community

Technologies for building/using/supporting Web Apps
A community around the technology and development of Web applications.

Web applications are a promising new cross platform technology which is based on the JavaScript and HTML 5 capabilities of modern browsers. This community group provides a place for discussion about the technologies and opportunities around the Web App concept.

CEIT is already using the SproutCore MVC JavaScript framework for developing projects which target the Web App platform.

image/png iconwebapps.png 125.51 KB

Lecture Performance Tools

Adding functionality to lecture performances in large settings
Tools for enhancing lecture presentation

Teaching in large lectures presents a number of challenges. This group describes and makes available tools developed at CEIT to support academic staff teaching in large lecture settings. 

Tools include:

Open Science

Open access, data and scholarship in the sciences
Open Science: the practice of science in community


Open Science is a home for various activities around open science notebooks, lab practice sharing, open 'data, and access, and source' - the practice of science in a open, collaborative and social context.

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