Active CEIT Project

A CEIT project that is active.

Lean Startup

community of practice
Based upon the work of Steve Blank at Stanford University, our students have embarked on a learning journey on how to build their own startup.

Activity here is under the guidance and leadership of Bill McKeague (

Video Wall Implementation

Open Source Video Wall
To produce an open source version of a video wall using Raspberry Pi's and opensource software.

Starting readings:

Indoor Location

Finding people and things when GPS isn't available
Kael is looking into the work of Chris Schmandt and geo-magnetism.

Peer Assessment Factor

PAF Project
A project to rewrite the original WebPA application so that it can be integrated into a LMS using the Learning Tools Interoperability API.

This project group 

Urban optical wireless Router

Design of a Urban range optical wireless Router project

Learning Innovation Building Temperature Sensor Network

Mapping the temperature across four floors of the building


External MOOc, Internal Module
UQ MOOC Project



Mobile Classroom on Wheels

The MoCoW project is creating a Hardware/Software system for mobile screens within CEIT's Innovation Laboratory.

Each MoCoW consists of:

Drupal LTI Tool Provider

Enabling Drupal tools in Learning Management Systems
Enabling Drupal tools in Learning Management Systems

The Drupal LTI Tool Provider project aims to develop a Drupal module which allows a Drupal site to be used as a Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) tool provider to a Learning Management System.

Some LMS supporting LTI tools are Blackboard Learn, Moodle and Sakai.

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