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LTI and the edX platform

I've recorded a couple of videos on edX and Learning Tool Interoperability (LTI). They are up on youtube but the files can be downloaded from here.

LTI Introduction

edX LTI demonstration

Open Content, Personal Learning Environments, and the importance of EPUB

I've just been doing some reading around the area of open content and the EPUB format and I want to make some observations in relation to these and Personal Learning Environments (PLEs).

To me a PLE is the collection of tools and resources that a learner develops over time and carries forward through their learning journey, possibly life-long. Each learner will have a different PLE based opon the tools that they have chosen that work for them. The resources they collect are then influenced by those tools.

LTI Tool Provider module for Drupal released on

The dev team at CEIT have been developing a module for Drupal that integrates Drupal sites with Blackboard Learn or other LMS using the Learning Tools Interoperability specification. In late October we made this code available as a sandbox on and commenced the review process which today has led to the code being given full contributed module status.

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Singapore students tackle the MoCoWs

Here are our Singapore Student Interns begining to setup two of the MoCoWs.

Printing an entire Quiz

I managed to get a HTML export of an entire quiz by using a module called quiz_ei. Had to patch numerous bugs to get it to work at all and to get the image urls output as absolure so they will load when the exported html is opened.


The phase 2 quiz is actually a webform and not a quiz, so exporting it will be a different, hopefully easier, solution.

Get Set update

Today I spent a couple of hours to update the GetSet development system.

GetSet 2013 kick off meeting

Today we had a meeting to kick off the GetSet project to be updated for the 2013 first year engineering intake.

My list of actions from the meeting is:

New CEIT Drupal Feature Server

Building a Feature Server

As CEIT transition from development in Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 we are also begining to package common functionality into Features. To get the most out of Features we need to have a Features Server so that our Drupal sites can find and download updates to our Features as they are released.

After watching the video in this post from DevelopmentSeed you will understand the basis of a Feature release cycle.

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